The Towers rise above the Memorial in Battery Park honoring our fallen WW II Naval brethren
The 2 Towers from a vest pocket park located just west of Broadway
As a native New Yorker, I remember when the old "Radio" District was torn down to make way for these Twin Towers.  This was shot from the edge of the Hudson River looking southeast
This picture was shot from Liberty State Park in NJ - using a 500mm lens I shot across the harbor to capure the Towers in the background
This was shot from the New Jersey side of the Hudson River.  It was the night before Thanksgiving, 1985.  It was cold and dark and the end of a long day - we had gone there to photograph the moon rising between the Twin Towers
All images (C) Ben D'Andrea,  D'Andrea Photography & Design,   Denver, CO  
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     World Trade Center -- A Remembrance
As a native New Yorker, I went in, through, around and under the Towers at least a 1,000 times.  I mourn not the loss of the buildings, but the thousands who had their lives stolen from them.  As a great nation we must bring those responsible to justice - but with greatness comes the responsibility to bring only those responsible to justice and to not harm any innocent beings regardless of their race or creed.
On one visit to Liberty State Park, and at the base of the statue pictured on this page...we came upon a lone WW II veteran who had come here to hold his own private remembrance for a friend who had died in battle alongside him.  I asked if he would mind if I took a picture and he was happy to share the moment with me.